July 31, 2010

to-do list

good morning everyone!!!

this is probably my first non-crocheted craft post! hehehehe
a while ago I found this post by eighteen25 and thought it was the cutest idea ever... but I didn't have a nice frame, so I had to wait until finally this week my sis took me to IKEA =D

I bought a nice long frame and photoshoped a few stripes out of digital scrapbooking paper I found here and there.... added the amieggs logo on the top....

and here's the result!!!!! (sorry about the lighting... I know you can't see much v.v)


so go ahead and try it out!!!! I loooove making lists of all the ideas that pop into my head (otherwise I just forget them almost immediately) and this is sooooo helpful!!! it is now hosting a list with all the new eggs I've thought of! =)

July 30, 2010

strawberry shortcake amiegg

ok so this is one of my favorites...


it has two layers of spongecake with strawberry jam filling and some cream topping with a strawberry on top!!!!! =D

more pics:

hope you like it! =)

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July 29, 2010

hamburger amiegg

so here's my first rare amiegg!!!! basically because it was a strange idea and it came out looking pretty unique... xD

the hamburger amiegg!!!

he's made up of bread, hambuger, lettuce, tomato and more bread =D
a few more close-ups:

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July 27, 2010


aaaaaaand I am proud to present my second great pattern project.... the armchair!!!! =D

do you know pet society? I have to admit I've been playing with my friends on facebook for more than a year... and there's just so many cute things... it inspired me to crochet!!!!

here's the original:

and here's my crocheted version!!!!

my first idea was to make this an armchair for my new blythe (which is still on the way to me... mr. postman hurry up please!!!! =D) but I think it ended up being a tiny tiny bit small.... though I can't be sure until I actually have the doll and try it on hehehe once I have her I'll just have to add a few stitches here and there and it'll fit perfectly =D

so on with the pics!

if anyone is interested, you can find the pattern for $4 at my etsy shop:

comments are always always read, appreciated and loved!!!!

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