July 26, 2010

bear amiegg

hello everyone!!!! how was your weekend???
I spent it busy crocheting! =D came up with a few new amieggs, but still have to take good pictures of them... and finished the armchair pattern, which I will be showing you very very soon!!!

for today, we have the bear amiegg!

this little fellow is simple but cute hehehehe as you can see, his eyes are a bit different... I tried giving him safety eyes but they wouldn't stand out over the dark brown yarn... so in the end I gave him beaded eyes =)

I hope you liked him!!!

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  1. oohh! I love your amieggs collection!they are all super cute!

  2. digging the amieggs. You need to get that trademarked asap! found you at trendy treehouse. hope you stop by.

  3. OH HE IS SOOO CUTE!!! I know JUST what you mean with pictures. It seems like I have 10 new projects I've completed and NO decent pictures! In fact I really dislike the full picture of my new necklace but I don't wanna build a new photo box so I just hung it up on the wall and snapped a shot. I really wanted to post the story behind the necklace so I just settled for that shot and posted!! :)

  4. I am amazed by your amieggs. I loved the milk carton in your first post soo adorable reminds me of the comic milk and cheese! (but not as evil lol)


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