July 13, 2010

first steps in etsy

so I juuuuust started with Etsy... and omg so many things to have in mind!

but I am very proud to say.... my first item is up for sale!!!!!!!! =D

yes, I decided my first item should be my beloved reindeer ipod pouch =)

for weeks I've been trying to put together amieggs, with the incredible help of my best friend Azuki and my sis =) I've still got a looooot to do, but for now... it's a great start!!!!

Azuki is currently working on a logo and image (her drawings are awsome!!! check out her blog here) and my sis has been helping with photography and shop building =D

I don't know what I would do without them... my drawing skills are like... depressing. my friends still laugh at the time I tried to draw a European mantis... and they even named it our mascot v.v (yes, playing Pictionary with me can be very challenging =D)
and my sis has had an etsy shop for quite a while now and has been helping me out with all that... she's really creative, I guess most of the creative genes went to her... I got the crochet genes =P
anyway, I wanna take this chance to talk a tiny little bit about my sis' projects!!!!!!

she has two: the first one is chocolatemintcrafts, a beautiful collection of geek rings, brooches and similar stuff!!!! I looooooove them so much... can't go out without one of her awsome Lego or Sugus rings:

aaaand her second project is Bubble Bakes, a series of soaps, lip balms and similar products that smell incredibly good!!!! for now, she's only got lipbalms on her shop, but soon there's gonna be lost more, and believe me, as a tester, I can say it's all awsome!!!

so make sure to check out my new Etsy shop and my sis'!!!!!

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