July 9, 2010


ok so this is probably the first time I post about one of my newest projects... people who follow me on facebook (here) already know this, but... I am here to present....


as far as I loooooooove amigurumi, I have reached a point where my room is starting to fill up with amigurumi plushed wich are, we should admit, pretty but useless. so here's my goal: creating something that is amigurumi and useful at the same time. and this is how the fridge was born =D

initially I thought of making a jewelry case, so I could keep my bracelets and stuff like that (that doesn't fit in my normal jewelry case with earings and such), but in the end I think it can be used for anything... actually I'm considering on making an amigurumi carrot and tomato or something like that to put inside and make it even funier =D

anyway, here are a few more pics:

I decided to make a happy fridge... just admit it, when you attach eyes 
and a smiling mouth, anything becomes incredibly cute =P

the back is just plain... so it can be placed in front of a wall =)

notice I put cardboard in some parts to make it stiffen a little =)

the inside has a nice shelf

and I put a pocket on the door

hope you liked it!!!!!

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  1. This little fridge-guy is really cool ;)

    I love amigurumi but I never learnt to crochet..

  2. My daughter wants me to make her one now! So cute! Thanks for linking up!

  3. This is so cute!!!! I feel inspired! i really want to try and make it. Hehe nice!


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