July 1, 2010

ice-cream parfait

hello hello again!!! =)

another lovely crocheting day it has been...  ^^ it's so hot here lately that even having yarn on my lap makes me sweat!!! lucky it seems like I found a spot with some air going around... or I swear I'd be dead by now...

anyway, since I'm still working on my secret big project, I'll show you one of my old projects again today =P

here to introduce... the ice cream parfait!!!!

this was actually a gift for my friend sandra back in may =) I took the pattern from another book my sis gave me, "Amigurumi Sweets". it's pretty easy to follow, and so much fun!!! this was intended to be somewhere my friend could stick her needles when sewing =) (have no idea if she's giving it that use though hehehe)

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