July 5, 2010


and yet again I bring you an old project... this is actually one of my favorites: the monkey. 
I based this one on a pattern from a book called "amigurumi sweets", where it actually appears with a basket and some bananas I haven't got around to making yet =P I changed just a few things from the original pattern... and was quite satisfied with the result! =D

(you can't really tell he has a tail on the first pic... =P)

I have to admit this was not my first monkey... in my early amigurumi days I made another one (with a completely different pattern) for my friend James... at least I think he liked it... even if it was crapier =P (it was still made with tons of love =D)

1 comment:

  1. My son would love this one, he's mad about monkeys. You have such skill!


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