July 18, 2010

new image and another egg!

hey everyone!!!! how was your weekend???

I have to say I'm very proud of my best friend... cause she spent her sunday afternoon finishing my logo and image!!!!!!


and I have to say..... I LOVE IT!!!!!!

here it goes....

she started with this cute logo:

don't you love it??? pink + orange + yellow = love!!!!! <3

aaaaand... she made some buttons!!!

I absolutely love them!!!!! these are just a few of the little fellows you're gonna meet really soon!
I'm gonna add code on the bar to the right so you can grab them anytime you want! =)

aaaand to today's new amiegg...


this little one was inspired by my previous reindeer ipod case... and I have to say I love it!!! his red nose makes you feel christmasy all year =D

I have to say he's already up for grabs on Etsy if you're interested, along with his banana-brother... and if you go check it out you'll see the great banner Azuki made to complete the image of amieggs! =)


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