July 12, 2010


ahoy ahoy!!! today, let me introduce you to...


this is another coin purse, just like the strawberry shortcake =)
I made this one first actually, put somehow didn't manage to post about it yet!
this is based on a pattern from "amigurumi sweets" (again lol) and I decided to add some personal touches as always =P

I added a yellow zipper and some nice lining made with patchwork fabric and handsewn by me!!! =D (my mom really bugged me about this so it is reeeeeally securely sewn xD)

detail view of the zipper and lining, so nothing escapes from inside the pouch

back view

front-zipper view ^^

comments are highly appreciated!!!!

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  1. Seriously adorable! You are very talented! I love these ideas, thanks!! I hope you visit my blog again, I try to post recipes several times a week!


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