July 7, 2010

safety eyes

all amigurumi lovers when learning reach a difficult point: eyes. There are infinite options for amigurumi eyes, but my favorite is safety eyes. These are plastic eyes similar in shape to a screw that are inserted into the crochet or fabric you are working on and are then attached from the back with a washer. In my projects I use the smallest size of safety eyes I have been able to find: 4,5mm
as you can imagine, it is difficult to use such small pieces.

my first safety eyes purchase was to etsy user 6060 (click here to see her shop). I have to say her service is excellent, and I was incredibly satisfied (plus, she offers discount on bulk purchases). I purchased 4,5mm eyes with metal washers, and I have to say those are the easiest to attach I have found yet. I also bought 6mm eyes with plastic washers, and these are trickier to use but also give an incredibly good result.

nevertheless, a week ago I ran out of safety eyes and decided to buy some more... and ended up buying from e-crafts. the service was incredibly fast and I recieved my 5mm eyes (there weren't any smaller) in 2 days, just to discover that plastic washers are incredibly difficult to use on such small eyes.

so here I am to try to explain the trick I have found to place washers on such small eyes:

1. you will need a pair of pincers

(I used a rubber band to hold it tight and free my hands)

2. you will need something with a circular shape that can apply strengh on the washer. in my case I used a belt hole opener (do you even call it that?) I found at home.

so the trick on making those impossible washers go in is to fix the eye part as hard as you can so it doesn't move when you apply pressure, and use the circle-shaped tool (or whatever you found) to apply the pressure.

(protect the eye from scratches by placing a paper underneath)

believe me, after two days of torturing my fingers while trying to make washers go in, this is just a miracle come true.

hope it is usefull to anyone with safety eye problems!!!!!!! ^^


  1. LOL!!! XDD
    you're so smart girl! it looks complicated but clever!
    I'm glad you can finally use that chibi-eyes!

    want to see where did you put it soon ;)

  2. Its true!! the safety eyes are like impossible to put in, from ecrafts! hahaha but ya, your idea seems good. I should've done that xD thanks for tip


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