August 30, 2010

Blog with Substance

I feel so happy... The Sassy Crafter gave me a blog with substance award!!!! =D

Here are the 10 blogs I think deserve this award! (in no particular order)

and even though she's the one who gave me the award, I want to give it back to The Sassy Crafter because she has an amazing blog!!!! =)

Now go check these all out!

August 26, 2010

toy chest & free bunnies pattern!!!

I'm so happy.... it's finally here.. my first free amigurumi pattern!!!!! and if that weren't enough... you get TWO free patterns!!!! =D

a while back Margarita from Red Ted Art asked me if we could double post some crochet pattern... and here it is!!!

the pattern is actually split into 3 independent pieces:

you can get the bunnies pattern here, the teddy bear pattern over at Red Ted Art and the toy chest pattern over at my etsy shop!!!! =D
Ain't it cool??? =D

So I came up with the idea a while back when I bought a Blythe doll... since crochet is my thing, I decided I had to try and make crochet furniture for her! and so here is one of my first creations... the toy chest =) its size is great for playscale dolls furniture, such as Barbie or Blythe, but it is also the perfect size to stand alone on your desk or table keeping your small things organized =D
And since a toy chest is not a toy chest without toys, I came up with the teddy bear and the bunnies!!! they all fit perfectly inside the chest, and look great next to it too!
Both the bunnies and the teddy bear are begginer crocheters level, so go ahead and try these patterns out!!!! The bunnies you will find here are very simple and fast to make, the teddy bear may be a little more complicated or long to make but I have provided nice diagrams to help you understand each and every stitch!!! =)

So I'll shut up now and just let you on with...

The sugar puff bunnies

Each bunny is made of 3 pieces: the body and the two ears. I will describe the white bunny, for the pink bunny simply exchange white for pink and pink for white =)

Using white 
1 – Make a ring with 4 stitches 
2 – sc 1, increase 1 (repeat 2 times) 
3 – sc 2, increase 1 (repeat 2 times) 
4 – sc 1, increase 1, sc 2 (repeat 2 times) 
5 – sc 4, increase 1 (repeat 2 times) 
6 – sc 1 on each stitch (12 stitches) 
7 – sc 1, increase 1, sc 4 (repeat 2 times) 
8 and 9 – sc 1 on each stitch (14 stitches) 
* if you are using safety eyes, place them now =) * 
10 – sc 1, decrease 1, sc 4 (repeat 2 times) 
11 – sc 1 decrease 1 (repeat 4 times) 
12 – decrease 1 (repeat 4 times) 
Bind off and weave in end. 
Take some black thread and embroider nose in a Y shape.

The ears consist of two parts sewn together. 
Using white: 
1 – ch 5 
2 – ch 1, turn, decrease 1, sc 3 
3 – ch 1, turn, sc 2, decrease 1 
4 – ch 1, turn, decrease 1, sc 1 
Bind off leaving long tail for sewing.

Using pink: 
1 – ch 3 
2 – ch 1, turn, sc 3 
Bind off leacing short tail.

Use the white tail to sew the pink part in front of the white. Then sew on to the body in the desired position. Weave in ends.

Done!!!! =D

now hop on over to Etsy and Red Ted Art to get the other pieces!!!! =)

                           toy chest pattern @ etsy    and    teddy bear pattern @ Red Ted Art

August 25, 2010

cactus amiegg

with the heat of the summer over our heads... I picture this little one as part of the scenery =D


I know the pictures for this one came out a little dark... I'm stuck at home for a while and can't go to a better place, but I'm sure you can appreciate his cuteness!!! =)

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August 21, 2010

mouse amiegg

and while I keep adding those final touches to a pair of new patterns, here's...


part of the animal collection, this little one is available as a normal egg and as a finger puppet!!! =D I've started making both at the same time each time I create a new amiegg =)
I've been stuck at home for two weeks now because of a leg injury, so wait up for quite a bunch of new amieggs... they keep me company during those loooong afternoon hours =)

more pics:

ain't he cute?

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August 18, 2010

blog of the week feature!!!

How awsome is this??? I'm the blog of the week over at Mom's Misc. Adventures!!!! Go check it out =D

Mom's Misc Adventures

August 16, 2010

whale amiegg

long time no post... I am still working on a reeeeeally big new project that I will show you very soon and it practically consumes all my time... but in the meantime, I just noticed I have a little fellow I haven't introduced to you yet!!!


this little one loves to splash around and get all the other eggs wet! 

he has a nice tail to swim with!

aaaand a group pic of all the animal finger puppets!

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August 14, 2010

fast post

I know I've been away a bit for the last few days... but as you can expect that is because I'm working on something reeeeeeally big!!!!
You'll see soon... for now, a sneak-peak!!!! =D

yes, I finally got my Blythe!!! and made this little hat yesterday... =D

August 11, 2010

elephant amiegg

and back with another amiegg from the new animal finger puppet collection! =)


he's the boss... the one that rules all other animal amieggs in the box!!! he loves to march and makes all other amieggs watch the Jungle Book over and over =D

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August 10, 2010

etsy treasuries

so lately I've been featured in a couple of etsy treasuries!!!! YEY!!!!!

ok so this last one isn't an Etsy treasury... but I was notified about it through etsy and it's very similar =D
let's see if I can beat the record this week!!!!! ^^

August 9, 2010

chick amiegg

I'm back!!!
and of course I come with more amieggs! =)


this little fellow is part of the new animal finger puppet amieggs! =) he's already up on etsy, and his brother the normal amiegg version will be soon =P

more pics:

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August 8, 2010

so I was involved in a tiny accident on friday... and ended up injured on one leg (burnt) but luckily I'm fine and will be back posting like crazy tomorrow as always!!! =)
thanks for always keeping up with my blog... you're all awsome <3

August 6, 2010

camera pouch

and I'm back with another non-crocheted project! =)

I made this last week for someone who just got a new digital camera =D I used a nice patchwork fabric I found a few days ago in a cute store and some IKEA fabric for the inside (just plain yellowish orange)

this was really easy-peasy to make... I just took two rectangular pieces of each fabric, one longer than the other, sewed the same sized pieces together, added some plastic stiffener in the back before turning around the pieces, sewed them together and added a fastener. VOILĂ€!!!!

August 5, 2010

monkey amiegg

so this little fellow is actually from the very first batch of amieggs I made a month ago, but I completely forgot to post about him!!!!


this little fellow loves to climb so much... he uses his little tail to climb over all the other amieggs and see the world outside their egg box! =D

August 4, 2010

fox amiegg

yes!!! I finally took good pictures and can introduce you to the new animal amieggs!!!!!  here's the first one...


the fox is the cleverest of all amieggs... his cute nose sticks out of the egg box to alert of dangers... and his long tail is the perfect pillow for the sleepy amieggs behind him!

this little fellow is actually a finger puppet, though I plan on making a normal amiegg version today or tomorrow to have it in stock =)

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August 3, 2010

blog changes and teddy bear!

anyone notice anything different???? (if you actually come to my blog to read posts, that is)
I added the upper bar to navigate to important pages in my blog! =D

I made a list of amieggs so you can go check all of them and find the specific post easily (I'll keep updating... I've actually got 5 more to add very very soon!!!!) and a linking party list, since lately I link up to so many places the webpage buttons take up more space than my actual post... so go check it out to see where I link up and maybe grab some interesting links!!!! all of them have incredibly nice crafts!! =D

so... back to crochet talk!!!!

I made this yesterday:

this is actually the first time I work with cotton... it is so different from acrylic yarn!! but I think the outcome was pretty nice =D this was created as I crocheted with no pattern at all... I intend it to be my new Blythe's teddy bear =D aaaand I have the nice habit of writing every pattern I come up with down while I crochet... so I will be sharing it with you guys very very soon =) (as soon as I have time to type it properly =P)

some more pics:

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