August 2, 2010

frog amiegg and packaging!

good evening!!!
you might wonder why I haven't posted much crochet lately... and that's because I was preparing... the finger puppet amieggs! =) actually this wasn't my idea... a friend who was trying to promote me between her job mates suggested it... and I think it's an awsome idea!!!

here is the first one just so you can see (I plan on making the normal and finger puppet version of every amiegg):

the frog

this little fellow may be one of the simplest amieggs up until now, but he hides a secret....

a hole inside to stick your finger in!!!

I made a collection of animal finger puppets for now, so keep coming back to see them all! =)

one more pic: (hehehe never have enough...)

and on another topic, I took pictures of my packaging today =D our dear corn cob amiegg will be flying to its new home soon and has a safe packaging to make sure he makes it there shiny and new!!

comments are always loved!!!


  1. Frogs are my absolute favourite animal!! I love the amiegg frog, he's so cute :)

  2. He is adorable and I love your packaging - an egg should come in an egg carton, yes?!

    xo Erin

  3. Just stumbled across your blog and I LOVE it! These are some of the cutest things ever! You should give them all names! Brilliant work!


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