August 26, 2010

toy chest & free bunnies pattern!!!

I'm so happy.... it's finally here.. my first free amigurumi pattern!!!!! and if that weren't enough... you get TWO free patterns!!!! =D

a while back Margarita from Red Ted Art asked me if we could double post some crochet pattern... and here it is!!!

the pattern is actually split into 3 independent pieces:

you can get the bunnies pattern here, the teddy bear pattern over at Red Ted Art and the toy chest pattern over at my etsy shop!!!! =D
Ain't it cool??? =D

So I came up with the idea a while back when I bought a Blythe doll... since crochet is my thing, I decided I had to try and make crochet furniture for her! and so here is one of my first creations... the toy chest =) its size is great for playscale dolls furniture, such as Barbie or Blythe, but it is also the perfect size to stand alone on your desk or table keeping your small things organized =D
And since a toy chest is not a toy chest without toys, I came up with the teddy bear and the bunnies!!! they all fit perfectly inside the chest, and look great next to it too!
Both the bunnies and the teddy bear are begginer crocheters level, so go ahead and try these patterns out!!!! The bunnies you will find here are very simple and fast to make, the teddy bear may be a little more complicated or long to make but I have provided nice diagrams to help you understand each and every stitch!!! =)

So I'll shut up now and just let you on with...

The sugar puff bunnies

Each bunny is made of 3 pieces: the body and the two ears. I will describe the white bunny, for the pink bunny simply exchange white for pink and pink for white =)

Using white 
1 – Make a ring with 4 stitches 
2 – sc 1, increase 1 (repeat 2 times) 
3 – sc 2, increase 1 (repeat 2 times) 
4 – sc 1, increase 1, sc 2 (repeat 2 times) 
5 – sc 4, increase 1 (repeat 2 times) 
6 – sc 1 on each stitch (12 stitches) 
7 – sc 1, increase 1, sc 4 (repeat 2 times) 
8 and 9 – sc 1 on each stitch (14 stitches) 
* if you are using safety eyes, place them now =) * 
10 – sc 1, decrease 1, sc 4 (repeat 2 times) 
11 – sc 1 decrease 1 (repeat 4 times) 
12 – decrease 1 (repeat 4 times) 
Bind off and weave in end. 
Take some black thread and embroider nose in a Y shape.

The ears consist of two parts sewn together. 
Using white: 
1 – ch 5 
2 – ch 1, turn, decrease 1, sc 3 
3 – ch 1, turn, sc 2, decrease 1 
4 – ch 1, turn, decrease 1, sc 1 
Bind off leaving long tail for sewing.

Using pink: 
1 – ch 3 
2 – ch 1, turn, sc 3 
Bind off leacing short tail.

Use the white tail to sew the pink part in front of the white. Then sew on to the body in the desired position. Weave in ends.

Done!!!! =D

now hop on over to Etsy and Red Ted Art to get the other pieces!!!! =)

                           toy chest pattern @ etsy    and    teddy bear pattern @ Red Ted Art


  1. I love the puff bunnies I'm a beginner loom knitter is there ways to convert crochet to loom knitting?

  2. Hi! I just gave you an award for being a blog with substance...I love your blog!!!!!

  3. New here, super cute blog. I'm a bit obsessed with kawaii Japanese crafts..ur...make that EVERYTHING. I'm a new follower :) Can't wait to learn to knit/crochet good enough to make some of your crafts.

  4. I love that treasure chest! I'm just starting to try crochet, so now I've got some cute stuff to motivate me to keep going:)

  5. Absolutely A-DORABLE! Love it! Thanks for the pattern!

  6. What a cute chest! And I love the teddy bear!

    Thanks for linking up with for Friday Favorites!

  7. I love free crochet patterns! I've got to get the PIG pattern! Maybe we could do a post swap or blog guest spot! Thanks for linking up to Topsy Turvy Tuesday's!

  8. Omg you're amazing! Thank you for the patterns!

  9. So, now that you have an outgrown toy (or better yet, a pile of outgrown toys!) where do you donate it/them?


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