September 14, 2010

long time no blog!!

omg I've been so overwhelmed with starting work and everything lately I haven't posted anything in ages!!!
good news is finally my leg injury got cured, so now I can walk again =D which is pretty awesome since I started work last week and classes this week... hehehe

I started working at my uni actually, collaborating on a project to try to bring more girls into Computer Studies! It's really a lot of fun, but hard work... how can I get those high-school girls motivated to come to a 92% male dominated major? The good part is - my boss decided to use part of the money dedicated to the project to give a prize to the best girl finishing first year... and that happened to be me! =D somehow I managed to be the first in my promotion, and received an awesome prize last week in front of the whole student body... which was pretty embarrassing, with some of my friends cheering behind me xD I'll try to get pics... there was a cameraman around there, I'll have to ask for the official pics =)

and finally classes started... and omg I love my subjects this year!!! I just finished another major in july which I had grown to completely hate for its waste of time... I've spent the last 5 years of my life learning nothing, and now I'm finally studying a wonderful major! I absolutely love every last bit of it, CS rules!!!

and on another completely opposite topic, my best friend Silvia & I bought some Blythe dolls around mid-summer... and since then we've been sewing like crazy!!!!

(my baby Ami wearing the lovely skirt Silvia made for her!! and a lousy blouse I made and is way too big for her... v.v)

Our Blythes have so many clothes right now they don't even fit in the enormous closets Silvia made for them... crazy, really. the bad thing is I have no good camera to take pics... v.v I'll have to go beg my sis again to come be a cameraman for me =D (yeah, she does all the incredibly awesome amieggs pics too =D) so look forward to that!!! for now, just a sneak-peak to the already too-full closet:

I don't want to flood this blog with Blythe stuff though, so Silvia & I talked about starting a new blog together for that... we'll see how that goes =)

I've been working on some new patterns too... but you'll have to wait until they're 100% complete to see them =D (two of them are actually almost done... only need good pics =P)

thank you everyone for keeping up with my blogging lazyness, I'll try to keep my blog as active as I can while uni & work absorb me... wish me luck!!!!




  1. Oooh, I really want a Blythe. My sewing skills aren't the greatest, but I can knit like a nut so she'd have plenty of sweaters. Have you guys considered opening an etsy shop for Blythe clothes? I bet you would sell those closets too! So cute!

    ~ The Speckled Dog

  2. Cool!

    Ei! I have a good camera & I'm free this weekend!

  3. Nice blouse and skirt. They fit perfectly and looked good together. Did you sewed her full closet?


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