November 28, 2010

christmas tree amiegg

I feel like my blog has been a bit lonely lately... with exams around the corner, I hardly have time to crochet new eggs... but I managed to find enough time before Christmas is too close to reveal my latest creations!!!!!

Christmas is around the corner... and now that the turnkey amiegg has gone back to its cave, the special christmas amieggs are here!!!!!

Today, I'd like you to meet the first of my christmasy creations:


The Christmas Tree is one of the shyest amieggs, and hides his egg-like body under tons of leaves... Due to his tiny little trunk, I don't think I'll be able to make a finger puppet version out of this one, but it is perfect for Christmas decorating!!! =)
I'm considering attaching a string to the top so I can hang him from my actual Christmas Tree =D

With a tiny trunk holding his body and a nice shiny star on top, this is actually the tallest amiegg I've done up until now!

November 6, 2010

turkey amiegg

and now that halloween is over... it seems like we're finally entering autumn. when I go around reading blogs, everything is brown and that can only mean one thing... thanksgiving is around the corner!!!

so I tried to come up with special amieggs for halloween but in the end ran late... so I decided I HAD to make it in time for thanksgiving... and here it is!!!!!


when I hear talk about thanksgiving, it's all about the pilgrims... but we all know who the real star of thanksgiving is.... THE TURKEY!!!!

aaand of course I made a finger puppet version too so children can play with it!!! =)

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