December 27, 2010

january calendar

Merry Christmas everyone!!!! (I know I'm late... hahaha)

I prepared a calendar for my mom and thought I'd share it with you all! Actually I've been working on cartoon versions of my eggs for some months now (every time I send out an eggs, it comes complete with cartoon stickers!!!!) and thought it was about time to start sharing them with you!!!
For January, meet the mouse =)

(best printed on A5 paper! =) )

December 11, 2010


here's some Etsy treasuries I've been featured in lately! =)

December 8, 2010

reindeer/Rudolph amieggs

so continuing with my brand new christmas edition amieggs, meet these two little fellows:


Rudolph is everyone's Christmas favorite character, is he not? With his bright red nose, he'll guide Santa Claus and the other reindeer amieggs to your home!!!

and of course the sleigh might be too heavy for poor Rudolph, so the other reindeer help him out =)

Together with Santa amiegg, the Christmas team is ready for take off!!!!

find out more about the Christmas amieggs over at my etsy shop!

December 5, 2010

snowman amiegg

meet Christmas special edition amiegg number 2!!!!


The snowman might be the coldest egg there is!!! He is used to the cold temperature from the North Pole, and tries to protect his head from freezing with a cute black hat!

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