January 10, 2011

skunk amiegg

and here comes the first egg of the year...


Although real life skunks might be famous for their odor, this little fellow enchants his friends with his big fluffy tail.
Notice the new colorful background! =D I've been having trouble taking pictures of some white eggs, so I decided to start using colorful backgrounds. Like it?

and of course I made him a finger puppet so children can play =)

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January 3, 2011

cadillac sofa pattern


amieggs is finally back... because I finally got some days off from school+work!!! =D *happy*
now this is embarassing... but I actually made this project back over in august when I was injured and stayed home all day... but never got around to drawing the graphics for the pattern... they just stuck in my notebook for waaaay too long =P BUT IT'S FINALLY HERE!!!! remember how some time back I had something incredibly awesome coming up?? well here it is... I'm very proud to introduce you to...


once again, I was inspired by one of my favorite facebook games... back in August, this came out:
and since I had just bought my Blythe doll, I decided she needed one!!!! so here it is... 

I really wanted it to be for my Blythe, so it is a 1:6 scale model... that is 21 x 21 x 11 cm =) Fits my baby perfectly!!!! And I had my best friend's Blythe come over too cause they actually both fit together =D

this is Ami, my baby.... notice she even got a personalized license plate! =D

and this is her friend Blair, her mommy is my friend Azuki

so how did you like it? I have to say I am veeeery proud of my cadillac... it took me many many hours and many doing and undoing, but to my eyes the final result is perfect!!! =D and that is another pattern that goes into my small collection... as always, available over at my etsy shop and ravelry =)

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