March 9, 2011

wide pink armchair

Hello everyone!
Yes, I'm alive!!! (or at least I think I am...)
It seems I finally managed to put together a little something in my (very few!) spare time lately =)

Remember my armchair pattern? Well that was my first, and as cute as it is, I still didn't have a 1:6 doll to compare sizes and had no experience with knitting big stuff like my furniture, so it came out a tiny bit too small and soft for a big doll (like my Blythe)
So I finally decided to come up with a new version of the armchair... the wide pink armchair!!!!


this time, I made it wider to resemble more a sofa, and added a lower structure to make sure it stands up perfectly even when you put weight on it (like a doll, duh.)

I also followed the style in my latest patterns, taking step-by-step pictures to make sure it is veeeery easy to follow

hope you like it!!!!

seen from behind

my new Blythe loves her pink armchair! =D

btw, did you know you can also follow amieggs on facebook??? =D


  1. Somos tus fans numero 1!! Buen trabajo! Sigue asi;) TKM (K)

  2. I love your work...

    Feel free to stop by and link up to my Make & Share 1st edition Fridays if you like.

    ~ Christy

  3. que original, me encanta. Un saludo

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