August 14, 2011

bubbly sofa

finally I am free from work/university/etc for a few weeks... and I've had time to disconnect from everything and just crochet all day long! =) Here are the very first results...


This new sofa was once again inspired by a Pet Society item! Can you see the resemblance? =D

Actually the original sofa is from a famous designer and is called the Marshmallow Sofa =)

and of course the final users of any of my couches are my dear Blythes!

Cathy and Ami <3 

as always, the pattern is available in my Etsy shop and on Ravelry =)



  1. I'm crazy in love with this, and have done tons of research on the original marshmallow sofa now, thanks to you ;) I want one of these desparately, I found one with aqua and sage and white, and I want to design a whole room around it--I guess I can perhaps live vicariously through my dollies. How difficult is this pattern for someone who's never done amigurumi, but can crochet?

  2. if you can crochet, this pattern is pretty easy... the cushions are done working in the round, so you might want to check youtube to learn how to start with a magic ring. apart from that, I think there are no difficult points, it just involves a bit of DIY for the structure inside (dolls can be really heavy!!)

  3. Lovely your blog darling. It's a big surprise finding Spanish people with such a good taste in crocheting.

  4. Oh, that's adorable! Love the colors!

    Camila Faria

  5. Hi there just a quick note to let you know that I mentioned your blog and your etsy shop over on my blog I hope you do not mind.

  6. Hi! Your mini furniture and amigurumi are totally adorable! I make plush critters and make little scenes with them. I'd love to use a piece of your furniture in a future scene. :-) I'm so glad I found your blog today! :-) Jennifer

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  8. It resembles the Pet society item indeed! Very amazing talent you have there. Your end users are cute and they look so lovely sitting in that crocheted sofa. I would love to follow your products on as I always did. Just continue making such cute creations. They are lovely!

  9. It's an amazing idea. I never think of this beautiful chair that can be crocheted in a simple method.


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